Terracycle Takes the Trash Inside...Our New Office

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Photo credit: Terracycle

Terracycle has always been a company with a trashy reputation, what with our reusing everything from soda bottles to Ziploc bags. Millions of people have been collecting these things, and we've made them into all manner of products.

But that wasn't enough.

We decided it's time to turn our upcycling expertise (okay, gregarious bumbling!) on ourselves: Nearly every bit of our office interior is now made from upcycled materials. And we wanted you to be among the first to see it.You hear about countertops and surfaces being made from recycling glass and other such things. But how about turning a door on its side, and making it a desk? Great, now how to hold it up? We found an interesting source: Some of our material comes directly from companies: outdated packaging, etc. The core of these big rolls of sheets of material have got great legs to stand on. Stacks of kitty litter buckets also serve as a sturdy foundation.

I've seen soda bottles sliced and reused by bicyclists as rain splash guards, but, remixed by us, they've become both meeting room walls and a wave of them serve as overhead art.

Did you notice the wood crate that's now a lampshade? And the futon frames that now artfully delineate the space?

upcycled bottle wall photo

Photo credit: Terracycle
Vinyl records are making a great comeback among Gen Y people, and they see a second life on our desks, an entirely cooler alternative to the awful gray fuzzy wall dividers you typically see in cubicle farms.

Look down. The floor looks pretty smooth, I know what you're thinking: Maybe they cheated on that. Nope, we use carpet remnants for that, and since they're in small squares, individual pieces can be replaced as needed, rather than the whole floor.

Some things like filing cabinets and chairs didn't get the upcycling touch. But you know us, we'll probably come up with a way to do that too. And if it can be done at some scale, maybe they'll end up being offered to you!

Would you like to see what we've done in person? I'd like to invite everybody here on Treehugger, whether in or visiting the New Jersey area, to come get a free tour of our newly old (or is it oldly new?) office. And we'll give you a tote bag as well. Tell them Tom sent you!
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