Ten Shades of Green [Architecture]


The other day we mentioned the Architectural League's Lean and Green event. A previous project 'Ten Shades of Green' is also showcased on their site. This particular TreeHugger believes it to be one of the most succinct and poignant treatises seen on sustainable architecture in a long while. If you have even the slightest interest in the built environment go visit. "Buildings account for nearly half the energy consumption of developed countries, and therefore are the major cause of global warming, the most tangibly urgent of environmental problems. But green design is not only about energy efficiency, and it is not purely a technical matter. Instead it involves a whole nexus of interrelated issues, the social, cultural, psychological and economic dimensions of which are as important as the technical and ecological--thus the 'ten shades' of this exhibition's deliberately ambiguous title. Ten shades refers to ten key issues that need to be considered to create a fully green architecture: low energy/high performance, replenishable sources; recycling; embodied energy; long life, loose fit; total life cycle costing; embedded in place; access and urban context; health and happiness; and community and connection." ::Ten Shades of Green


There is also a book now available.