Teen Green: Local Teens Making a Difference

They’re a recently established group of about a hundred teens, but students in Claremont, California are busy making a difference by creating a model environmental structure out of earth and biodegradable materials using Super Adobe, a form of earth construction pioneered by Iranian architect Nader Khalil.

Their group, called Teen Green is actually being supported by the non-profit Uncommon Good for the moment, and they’ve taken advantage of the Do Something network to help get the word out and involve others as well. That’s a non-profit group helping provide the funding, connections, and ability to help teens reach out and find others just like themselves who are making a positive difference, changing the world for the better in the process.

According to their website, Do Something points out that currently just 23% of teens are actively involved volunteering in one way or another across America. Their goal is to help foster a culture where more than 51% of them step up to the plate.

Not a bad goal indeed…

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Via:: Do Something

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