TED Talk: Systems of Sharing About to Revolutionize Consumerism

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TreeHugger has always been an advocate for share systems -- things like tool libraries, clothes swaps, car-sharing, and product-as-a-service systems like Netflix. The fewest products possible shared among the most people is very green indeed. The trends toward this networking of products has grown over the years, but author Rachel Botsman thinks its about to revolutionize the way we live. Not only will we shift to a collaborative consumerism, but our reputation for sharing on such networks will become every bit as important as our credit score, if not more. Rachel Botsman is the co-author of the book What's Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption. Looking specifically at network technologies and how they'll transform business, consumerism and the way we live, Botsman makes the case that product-as-a-service systems, peer-to-peer rental networks and other such systems are taking a strong foothold in our society, and are about to become the status quo.

Check out an interview with Botsman on her book, as well as a review of it on TreeHugger.
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