TED Talk: How Food Shaped Our Cities, And How City Planning Can Reshape Our Food

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Image via TED

In this fascinating TED talk, Carolyn Steel shows us how our food supplies shaped cities. From ancient times when certain markets were located based on how easy it was to get food to those areas to how cities expanded with the advent of trains, Steel shows us how our urban planning revolves really around how we eat. But more importantly, how we eat could be made more healthy and sustainable by a revisioning of cityscapes. Check out her talk after the jump, and see what an ideal city might look like if we were to adopt more sustainable eating practices.

Cities need to be revamped for sustainable, independent food supplies, for decreased our reliance on fossil-fueled transportation and increased walk- and bike-friendliness, and for energy efficiency. It's not a matter of creating new eco-cities - it's a matter of improving the urban areas we already have to make them healthy places to live.

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