Techno-Urban Survivalism: Bauhaus Greenhouse Tomatoes For The Masses


Today's New York Times profiles young families joining the "voluntary simplicity" movement (Chasing Utopia, Family Imagines No Possessions), where they leave consumerism in an organic food and truth-seeking roam about: a Gen-Y redux of Kerouac's "On The Road" and CSN's 1975 hit "Wooden Ships"

Wooden ships on the water very free and easy. Easy you know the way it's supposed to be
Unfortunately, not everyone can drive off in search of the perfect organic tomato and a low stress life. Most Americans will stay in the city and burbs. Web resources will be pooled to form a post-hippie version of the Whole Earth Catalog: virtual access to tools for survival, skill sharing, etc.

TreeHugger writer Lloyd recently profiled the related Survivalism is the New Black idea. Prior to that, your's truly had pegged the green survivalism trend as Survivalist Green: Parents, Do Your Kids Know Where You'll Be Living In Ten Years?.For those who prefer not to live on the road - an absurdly money- and climate-oblivious choice in the face of What Happens When Gasoline Exceeds US$7.00 Per Gallon? - and who might instead prefer a community-based expression of simplicity, there is an easy alternative for the suburban dweller: work with local government to build a transition town. (TreeHugger has a lengthy series of posts on the transition town movement that has taken Europe by storm, but which has apparently only begun to make inroads in North America.)

Unfortunately, none of this helps the urban family who wishes to survive the "future stress" of Peak Oil and Climate Crisis, while remaining in an American city. So, for those of you not ready to live on the road, or to move to an abandoned Vermont dairy farm, we offer the hope of an urbane solution: The Bauhaus Greenhouse.

Richard Meier Terrariums:- A weak real estate market leaves hundreds of glass condo towers designed by star architects unsold and unpopulated. Eminent domain is enacted to convert these buildings into high-rise greenhouses. The floor-to-ceiling windows with their river views prove perfect for filling with soil and growing every variety of fruit and vegetable.

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Image credit; and post inspiration, via::Conde Nast,, Business Slide Shows, "In Case Of Emergency," Urban Food Crisis. Photo-illustration by Viktor Koen

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