Teachbox puts pop-out puzzles for kids on disaster relief supply boxes

Every year, millions of boxes are shipped to developing countries by organizations like UNICEF, where food and medical supplies are needed. Rather than these boxes going straight into the kindling pile, what if they were designed so that they went to kids first, delivered as toys after being emptied of their supplies? That's what designers Milad Mohajeri and Ali Haji were pondering when they came up with this simple design that would make deliveries of vitals all the more exciting.

Tuvie writes, "Upon unpacking, most of these boxes are disposed of while these plain boxes enjoy a powerful potential to be creatively reused. In this concept, a sustainable solution is presented, based on which the simple model of 3-D puzzles is perforated on the boxes sent by UNICEF."

Printed on the box would be single-color shapes with perforated edges, which could be popped out and put together like puzzles into animals, vehicles and other engaging figures. Kids would learn about the construction and building of 3D shapes, which is a practice in education as well as creativity.

We love this concept for reusing cardboard boxes in such a fun way, and delivering supplies for both the body and mind in one box.

Teachbox puts pop-out puzzles for kids on disaster relief supply boxes
The cardboard box has always been the quintesential toy for kids. With this creative design, it also becomes a puzzle and teaching tool.

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