Tea and silk painting inspire sustainable fabrics by Bernhardt

wanted design
© Margaret Badore

Brooklyn-based designers Dani Song and Makoto Kishino have partnered with Bernhardt Designs to create a line of textiles. Called Human Touch, the collection was presented at the Wanted Design show in New York City this past weekend.

wanted design© Margaret Badore

As the name suggests, the collection is inspired by handmade processes. Song’s silk paintings use calligraphy techniques that are translated into more abstract patterns. She began silk painting several years ago, while working on a film project. She says the process is "an exercise in creating without an ego."

wanted designMargaret Badore/CC BY 2.0

Kishino found inspiration while making a cup of tea. He discovered a pattern after unfolding a napkin that his teabag had been resting on. “I was really surprised to see how beautiful it was,” Kishino told me. He began experimenting with different techniques to reproduce similar patterns. He said he likes the idea that the patterns cannot be fully controlled.

The resulting collection includes two patterns in several different colors. The designs retain the beauty of the little imperfections found in handmade objects.

wanted design© Margaret Badore

The fabrics are milled in the U.S., and Bernhardt has a number of third-party sustainability certifications. You can learn more about their sustainability efforts on their website.

wanted design© Margaret Badore

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