Tastefully Reclaimed Sound: Rebaroque's Upcycled Speaker Frames

Images: Rebaroque

Here's an artsy twist to showcasing a more 'sustainable sound': take a closer look at these custom-made "sound frames" by Brooklyn-based art duo Rebaroque, made from reclaimed picture frames, fabric and speaker parts. Best of all, you can hook these up as part of your sound system -- a combined art- and audiophile's dream.

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In making their unique pieces, artists Rebecca Paul and Mikal Hameed's goal is to synthesize "history, design and music" into unexpected combinations:

Our sound panels are the result of our combined knowledge of fine art, music, technology and sustainable design. Our goal was to produce a product that allows you to use your smart device to interact with the space you live in and redefine how we think about music and our homes.


And redefine they do, as these tasteful sound panels definitely are an eye-catching step above even the most sleek-looking, high-tech bunch of speakers.


Even though the panels are made from mostly reclaimed and scavenged materials and speakers, each frame does feature at least one new speaker so sound quality will not sound like it came off some curb. There's even a cable that lets you connect your portable music player or dock your smartphone -- an all-round functional and stylish design that's got reuse smarts too. For more info and to purchase, check out Rebaroque's website.

Rebaroque via Inhabitat
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