Target Begins Carrying Seventh Generation Household Products

seventh generation products.jpg
Our reader Erica recently tipped us off that Target stores would be carrying 7th Generation products, starting this summer at 50 select Targets, potentially to be expanded later. Erica mentioned that "In addition to a store list and a $10 sale coupon, the [7th Gen] site also has a thoughtful essay from the company president about why they chose Target over Wal-mart...I was already impressed when Target stocked Method cleaning products as of a few years ago". She was right: a most interesting letter.For those of you unfamiliar with Seventh Generation, they distribute household "products [that] are designed to work as well as their traditional counterparts, but use renewable, non-toxic, phosphate free and biodegradable ingredients, and are never tested on animals".

Seventh Generation's President, Jeffrey Hollender, states in his letter that "Target is ahead of many large corporations in having prepared an extensive report on its social, economic, and environmental practices, and the chain has policies on land procurement that include consideration of historical sites, a factor that rarely concerns other companies in its class...Target will sell almost half of the products we make. Better still, they'll feature us in two special end-of-aisle displays that will include consumer education materials we've designed to help consumers understand what we're about and why our products are the healthier, safer choice..."

" We're estimating that the impact of that kind of distribution could increase the total amount of consumers we're able to reach by anywhere from 25 to 50 percent. That's a huge potential impact, one with the power to make more families and more of the environment far healthier than we could ever hope to make them on our own".

That's a similar point to the one TreeHugger made in its coverage of Wal-mart's newly constructed LEED certified Supercenter: bigger seldom starts "better" but it can help spread it faster. Mainstreaming the green is alright with us.