Taking Back the City Dept: Psychogeographic Walks


Cities support so many activities and ideas, and have so many places to explore. An example of a group using the city to its fullest is The Toronto Psychogeography Society, "a loose collection of relentless flâneurs, explorers and walkers. The word psychogeography was coined by the Situationist Guy Debord. It describes the specific effects of the geographical environment on the emotions and behaviour of individuals."

This Sunday, September 30, they and Spacing Magazine offer The Great Queen Street Psychogeographic Walk, 15 kilometers from one end of Toronto's trendy Queen Street to the other.

"Instead of a marathon, think of this as a mobile cocktail party where your conversations will bounce from person to person as we move along Queen Street (supply your own discreet portable cocktail if you desire — or even pop into the occasional bar along the way for a nip if you’re quick about it). It’s likely you’ll meet new people along the way, and perhaps others will share their bits of knowledge about places along Queen."

What a wonderful way to share a city. ::Spacing

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