Take a Hambone Along for the Ride

Hambone Velopockets Lisa Marie Grillos photo
(Image: NY Times

As the world becomes a more perfect place, where elephant landmine victims walk again, streetsigns are best used as jewelry, and coal plants get the royal STFU, we're gonna need more handy little things like the VeloPocket. Along with its little brother, the Balzac, these handmade cycle pouches are a nice alternative to the nylon reflector-emblazoned saddle gear your racing buddies might favor.The NY Times tells the story of how San Francisco-based Lisa Marie Grillos, after getting the cold shoulder from Williams-Sonoma, found herself making these little bike pouches. Along with her brother, Hernan, Hambone Designs was born. The Top Tube VeloPocket is "for those rides when you don't want to lose track of your wallet, cell phone, camera and tools." It can even accommodate a small U-lock.

Hambone Velopocket photo

These unique and handmade designs can be gotten through Etsy, and Lisa and Hernan are happy to oblige any custom orders or special requests.

Also, for carrying much more than your house keys, maybe your whole house, check Warren's recent bicycle cargo roundup or April's five solutions for carrying nearly anything on a bike.

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