Table Goes Together Without Fasteners



How Italian designer brothers Francesco and Marco Gillia ended up in Lima, Montana, is probably a story in itself, but there they are, opening Bottega Montana. This refers to the Renaissance concept of the Florentine Botega, where artists worked in close association with their students and trainees.

They have invented a unique (and patent-pending) fastener system so that their furniture can be easily assembled and dissasembled with only a mallet. Watch Francesco in action after the jump.

All the wood is sustainably harvested and treated with natural tung oil. It is Curleaf Mountain Mahogany, the only hardwood local to Montana.


"Thanks to our joint system every table can be dismounted in a few minutes, without damaging the wood with screws or nails. When the wedges are tight the table is locked and can be lifed from the table top and moved for final adjustment in the room."


Bottega Montana at ICFF 2008