Sycamore Ceiling Fan: Works Smarter, Not Harder


Biomimicry gets a lot of play here at TreeHugger, and for good reason: it's a jungle out there, and we as humans can learn a lot from the smart, efficient way things are designed for survival and procreation. Combine the efficiency of biomimicry with an energy-saving appliance, like a ceiling fan (one of TreeHugger's 25 Ways to Save the Planet), and a groundbreaking product design may not be far behind. Modeled on the wing-like shape of a seed pod from a Sycamore tree, the Sycamore Ceiling Fan could be such a design. Their innovative, airfoil-like blade design allows them to create the same airflow as a conventional flat-winged fan, but at much lower speeds; this results in lower energy consumption, less noise, and great modern looks to boot. Designed to spin at 70-130 revolutions per minute (rpm), the blade can nearly cut in half the normal operating speed of a conventional ceiling fan, which rotates around 140-200 times per minute -- yep, twice as efficient, and all with just a single blade instead of three, four or five. TreeHuggers in Australia can pick one up at Beacon Lighting. Learn more about this innovative, smart design here and hit the jump for more pics. Imagine how cool this would be (yup, pun intended) with a solar-powered air-conditioner...::Sycamore Ceiling Fan via ::Future House Now

The Sycamore's airfoil-like design (left) vs. a more conventional, flat design (at right)


Installed in a ceiling

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