Switch: Moving Wall Transforms Home To Office

switch home office transformer photo dining office

Image Credit: Ryohei Hamda via Yuko Shibata Office

Making a space work as both a home and an office can be hard, which is why so many home offices are in bedrooms, basements or sheds. Japanese designer Yuko Shibata shows an approach that might work in Graham Hill's LifeEdited project: Moving walls that change the character of the space from home to office.

switch home office transformer photo dining

The designer explains in Dezeen:

This is the interior design of a single home office. It was the owner' s intent that the floor plan could be changed to completely separate the living and office sections. This request was rendered impossible, due to the original structure being of box frame type reinforced concrete construction, with almost all walls acting as supporting building frames.

switch home office transformer photo bedroom

The addition of two bookshelves, each with a large door, allowed us to create a space with the ability to adapt from home to office or from office to home, while leaving the original floor plan intact.

switch home office transformer photo drawing dining

More images at Dezeen. See a more elaborate version of using moving walls to reconfigure an apartment: Moving Walls Transform Apartment: Four Minutes of WOW! (VIDEO)
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