SwissRoomBox Is The Ultimate Portable Modular Living System

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We love designs for small spaces; that is why TreeHugger shows so many ideas for camping and trailers. We have shown hundreds of them, but the SwissRoomBox is possibly the coolest living-with-less idea since the Casulo apartment-in-a-box. It was just furniture; this is everything you need to cook, clean, wash and live, all out of the boot of your little Euro-wagon.

Springwise calls it " a portable modular living system which can be transferred from car to car."

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The system -- which comes in a deep red as a nod to the equally innovative Swiss Army Knife -- enables its users to cook, eat, take a shower and sleep. By sliding the box-shaped units over each other, holiday makers can access a sink, hob, dining table, picnic table and chairs, a shower, and a double bed. The setup can be installed without any tools in 15 minutes.

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Even the manufacturing is state of the art, all cut out with a CNC router.

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The boxes are interconnected and installed in the back of your car and different components are pulled out as required; here is the kitchen, that comes complete with butane stove, storage, small fridge, a sink and water supply.

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There appear to be many different ways to assemble it all; sometimes they show the dining table connected to the car and kitchen, sometimes detached and lower.

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There is a shower, of course, (with a curtain that they have decided not to demonstrate here) and the specifications mention a toilet, although that is not shown.

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It even has batteries that are recharged while the car is running, and inverters to turn it into AC. The designers note that the system costs a tenth of what a standard RV might, and it is a lot easier to store when you are not using it.

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Last year I wondered What We Can Learn From Camping Equipment, noting that " It is perhaps a bit minimalist, but what happens when you think of living like you are camping at home? " Designers could learn a lot about living in small spaces from the SwissRoomBox.

We can also learn a lot from Jacques Tati, who did it 50 years ago.

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