Swiss Pavilion at Shanghai has Green Roof, Soybean Walls

swisspavilion-exterior shanghai exhibition photo

via archdaily

After posting about the Canada Pavilion for Shanghai 2010, commenters wondered: "How is constructing a temporary exhibition building anything close to sustainable?" and "International expos are the height of needless consumption and nation state / corporate propaganda."

But in their defense, exhibition can be wonderful test beds of design, and have significantly influence architecture from the Crystal Palace of 1851 to the Columbia Exhibition in Chicago, From Expo in Montreal to Barcelona, all have had profound impact.

Unlike Canada's which is being designed by jugglers, Switzerland held a worldwide architectural competition, won by Buchner Bründler Architects.

swisspavilion exterior curtain photo

According to ArchDaily,

The most distinguished feature of the pavilion is the outside curtain, made from degradable soybeans and dye-sensitized solar cells that are capable of generating electricity, introduces Salchli. The curtain will present an image of forest, which will remind people of the nature, said Salchli. And the fibre of the curtain could be degraded after being disposed in the soil in two weeks.

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