Swing With The Plants by Marcel Wanders

At TreeHugger we love plants whether as vertical gardens, Guerrilla Gardening, Urban Vegetable Garden or air purifiers. Dutch designer Marcel Wanders (who also designed Stand In Front Of This Microwave) created yet another object that can be greened: the swing! The seat of Swing With The Plants serves as a planter from which vines grow up the ropes. ‘It becomes a poetic resting place for either your garden or your living room’, Droog explains. Wanders' statement is more like this:

I believe that every girl dreams to be a beautiful princess, hoping for her prince to come, swinging gently in a summer garden on a green covered swing full of green glossy leafs and fresh white flowers.

So, all you princesses out there- get swinging! Ah, that is if you can afford to; the swing costs 295€ and is made from polyethylene and nylon ropes. Via: Droog ::Marcel Wanders

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