Sweet Dreams Security, Safety with a Smile


Finally we could have a world without scary fences, ugly CCTV cameras or threatening locks. London-based Matthias Aron Megyeri has combined the kitsch in our gardens with the high demand for security products and created Sweet Dreams Security.
Fences with bunny rabbits for railheads, razor-wire woven with butterflies, padlocks shaped like teddy bears and feline CCTV covers are just a few of these very smart, highly entertaining security products.

Sweet Dreams Security will change the perception and role of security products in our everyday surroundings for the better. Our products provide superb functional safety and mental well-being through non-threatening, contemporary design.

Railing tops in the shape of rabbits and penguins with spiky ears and beaks guard your home in a friendly way while razor wire now comes in the shape of little butterflies. Iron chains are heart-shaped and the lace curtains look like metal shutters from the outside but are in fact soft and friendly on the inside. This product has also bumped up the fast-fading local lace industry in Nottingham. All in all very intelligent and fun ideas for such serious and unfortunately much needed products. ::Sweet Dream Security