Swedish Hasbeens are Summer Shoe Sensation, Not What You Think

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Photo: B. Alter
Swedish Hasbeens are not fading film stars, they are this summer's hottest shoe. Made under sustainable conditions, out of pure, natural wood, with replaceable soles, they are almost eco too.
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Photo: swedish hasbeens

The small company, Swedish Hasbeens, draws its inspiration from the '70's. Some may remember Dr. Scholl's exercise sandals that were so popular then. They reference Janis Joplin but somehow that doesn't ring true (wasn't she barefoot?). More like Abba?

In any case,in 2006 Swedish Hasbeens found 300 pairs of red, white and black beautiful clogs from the 70's in the basement of an old clog factory and thus a business was born.

Their production methods sound sincere and sustainable. They claim that "their production methods and material are kind to nature and people." The shoes are made of "ecologically prepared natural grain leather since it's the most beautiful and the highest quality at the same time as it's environmentally friendly."

They are still handmade in small factories that have made shoes for decades. This is extraordinary, given that they are sold across the western world now and that they have teamed up with H&M; to create a cheaper line. The H&M; shoes come in 3 styles and are made in Rumania. They are sold with a nice organic cotton carrier bag.

Swedish Hasbeens warn that the wood in the heels varies in colour and may have twigs in it and the natural leather will darken with time. The soles can be re-glued or replaced over time.

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Photo: swedish hasbeens

They are proud of the sustainable aspect of their shoes and encourage users to glue back bits of wood that may chip off and replace buckles and soles instead of throwing them away. They say that "People across the world are demanding quality, natural materials that age great and that our grandkids can wear." Bring on the revolution!

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Swedish Hasbeens are Summer Shoe Sensation, Not What You Think
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