Sweaterlodge: Giant Sweater Turned into Building


The Canadian entry in this year's Venice Bienalle is a giant polar fleece sweater. Made from recycled plastic drink containers, "an inhabited garment becomes a lodge, a voluminous soft orange interior space." Wait, there's more TreeHugger goodness: "As visitors enter the pavilion they encounter a series of stationary bicycles. When pedalled, the bikes will operate digital film projections which show vignettes of a city [Vancouver] which intertwines wilderness with modern urban life" To top it off, "After the exhibition, the 350 m2 sweater will be recycled into hats, scarves and mitts for the community."


putting the sweater on the model

The architects, Pechet and Robb Studio, have a background in both architecture and fine art.

"Since 1991, they have produced a portfolio of projects which include private residences, cemeteries, memorials, public art, commercial interiors, exhibitions, set designs and furniture. In all of this work, their interest lies in developing environments which bridge the worlds of art and imagination to everyday life. They engage in varying scales of projects, from large to small with trademark theatricality, wit and cultural commentary."


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