Swap Shop for Christmas Decorations

If you want a new look for your christmas tree, or don't have any nice baubles to put on it, here is the ecological way to go. A swap shop--bring in your old tree trimmings or just buy someone else's. Choose by colour and size and pay as little as £1, 2 or £5. Today there was a vintage Harrods gold bauble from 2004 and another one signed by Katie Melua. But you can't have the mascot (pictured)--a green astro-turf duck with a pine cone necklace--she's staying put. However her friend, the snowman with a "burberry" jacket and big feet, is still available.

Soon each decoration will have a little card with its provenance so that buyers will know the history of the bauble and the family that owned it. If they return it next year, then it will have a continuing story for the next happy owner. It's a great idea with all the proceeds going to the charity Kids Company. Combined with a flatpack tree and recycled paper chains, this is a winner. Brought to London by the creator of whatsmineisyours , the original clothes swapping website. :: Christmas Deluxe Covent Garden

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