Sven Table Lamp: Another LED Beauty from Lucesco


As any regular reader of TreeHugger knows, we are big fans of compact fluorescent bulbs: they're a quick & easy solution for energy efficiency in the home, but they'll ultimately lose out to LEDs' superior efficiency and longevity. While CFLs have been around for years and are readily available, LED lamps are just starting to appear with regularity in the lighting marketplace; the latest one worth a look is the Sven Table Lamp, manufactured by Lucesco. Like the Mix LED desk lamp from Luceplan, Sven is a stylish, modern light source that's height adjustable (14 - 17 inches). It employs 40 LEDs that draw 22 watts, and with a design that keeps the LEDs cool, has a life expectancy of around 50,000 hours (that's about 20 years at 40 hours/week). Though the Sven Table Lamp isn't exactly price competitive with many other non-LED implementations, $475 (at Design Within Reach and UnicaHome) might just be worth it for 20 years of worry-free, efficient lighting. It's available in black and white; according to the UnicaHome site, red might be coming soon. ::Sven Table Lamp via ::Apartment Therapy

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