Sustentable '08 Argentinian Green Design Festival in Photos

Sustentable Green Design Festival Buenos Aires Photos

Photos: Paula Alvarado.

Yesterday it was the end of the first edition of Sustentable, a festival entirely dedicated to green design that took place in Buenos Aires from November 28 to December 2.

Besides yesterday's introduction of Diseno Cartonero, there were plenty of interesting sustainable products, including accessories, clothing and toys. Check out pics of the cute crafts and gorgeous fashions in the extended. Green Design at Buenos Aires 'Sustentable' Festival

Although many of the festival's designers have already been featured in TreeHugger, there were some interesting new products too.

The first we'd like to highlight were Juana de Arco's Nido project. We had told you about this clothing brand before when they introduced a line with organic cotton at the spring Buenos Aires fashion week, but they were present at the festival with garments and accessories produced by unemployed people in a suburban neighborhood in the south of greater Buenos Aires.

These products are also produced with the brand's own discarded materials and some with a Brazilian technique called 'knot tying'. Even though the look is not so new, the social part of the project is really cool.

Juana de Arco recycled fabric carpet Photo

Carpet by Juana de Arco's Nido project.

Juana de Arco organic cotton dress Buenos Aires Photo

A dress from the organic cotton collection.

On another note, these delightful toys are produced by Rusti Deimos. This Argentine artist is part of Objetos Encontrados (Found Objects), a boutique that sells products recovered from antique shops and others -like these dolls- produced from small parts of broken things.

The beauty in this artist's work is how the small pieces of lighters, for example, can turn into characters with such personality as these.

Rusti Deimos Dolls from recycled plastic parts Photo

Another interesting take was Maria Lizaso's repurposed fabric dress, created with an old formal jacket. Even though she's not a green designer per se, this was a good start.

Maria Lizaso Repurposed Jacket Dress Photo

Marina Callis, an accessories designer that works with textile jewelry, presented these necklaces produced with small pieces of fabric pressed and folded.

Marina Callis recovered fabrics Jewelry Photo

Finally with the new, another accessories designer present at the show was Mercedes Castro Corbat, who does this pieces with threads of discarded bicycle tires.

Mercedes Castro Corbat bicycle tires accessories Photo

Familiar faces

The guys from Baumm and Neumatica were present at the exhibition with their recycled advertising banner and tires bags.

Baumm advertising banner bags Neumatica recycled tires bags Photo

Maminas fabric dolls were at the exhibit too, this time in versions from recycled cotton fibers and kitchen cloths.

Maminas Recycled Cotton Fibers Dolls Photo

Recovered textiles designer Silvina Romero showed her accessories and one of her new designs: a puff also from recovered threads and fabrics.

Silvina Romero Recovered Fabrics Accessories Photo

Silvina Romero Puff Recycled Fabric Photo

Tramando's amazing fabric scraps designs were part of the exhibition too, this time in the form of pencil case and place mat, next to a bag by Mestiza.

Tramando Fabric Scraps Bag Photo

Tramando Fabric Scraps Green Pencil Case Place Mat Photo

Last but not least, the people from Xcruza's portable solar kitchen were also at the Sustentable festival cooking brownies.

Xcruza Portable Solar Kitchen Photo

See more of what went on at the festival's website.

Sustentable 08
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Sustentable '08 Argentinian Green Design Festival in Photos
Yesterday it was the end of the first edition of Sustentable, a festival entirely dedicated to green design that took place in Buenos Aires from November 28 to December 2.

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