Sustainsia's Eco-Workpod: Portable Office Shed Is "All About The Curves"

Images: Sustainsia

Ah, cubicles: you can either ditch 'em for an open-plan office space or put all the bells and whistles you can on them. Or you might even forgo the office entirely to work from home instead -- perhaps in your very own eco-friendly version of the backyard office shed, like this one designed by Oakland-based design company Sustainsia.


Made from marine-grade teak, birch and reclaimed mahogany, the workpod is equipped with rooftop solar panels, R30 insulation and French doors -- and can be plugged into any outlet. Architect Tom Biggs and furniture maker Tony Carr teamed up to recreate an ultra-portable, "plug-n-play" workspace that was more comfortable, stylish and environmentally sound than other similiar products on the market.

Then, it's all about the curves, explains Biggs in the East Bay Express:

The curves came from a desire to pull people away from the straight lines that workspaces or buildings like Tuff Sheds or other types of sheds are locked into. Look at what everyone's working in. They're working in cubicles and ... in big rectangular buildings. Curves bring more peace of mind, and they look great.

Though the small footprint of 96 square feet may seem way too teeny, it doesn't feel too cramped, thanks to the boat-inspired curves. Plus, there are excellent space-efficient touches like hidden cabinets, a Murphy table that folds out of the wall, and a bench that transforms into a bed (perfect for an afternoon office siesta).



With a price tag of $10,000, Sustainsia's eco-workpod may seem a tad costly for a mere office shed, but with a dawning era of living with less, Biggs and Carr have already encountered clients who want to use them as full-time living spaces.

If you're in the neighbourhood and interested in seeing the prototype in person, be sure to contact Sustainsia. You can check out a recent installation of the eco-workpod here for an writer and Buddhist scholar.


Sustainsia via Jetson Green
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