Sustainable Flat-Pack Timber Chandeliers by Loz Abberton

From baby cribs to entire schools, flat-pack design is one way to re-think how products can be made, transported and assembled more efficiently and sustainably. Tasmanian designer Loz Abberton applies the flat-pack ethic into this beautiful collection of wooden chandeliers that are made from locally-sourced and accredited wood, and decorated with expressive, laser-cut patterns.

Influenced by a childhood spent in the countryside, Abberton's striking chandeliers -- which she calls "Grandeliers" -- all have a story behind them. For this sphere-like luminary creation she calls "The Hoop," she explains on State of Green that it

...was created with a tree’s growth rings in mind – the impact that external forces like drought, fire & lightning have on these annual markers and the cellular chaos that results… a tree producing more than one growth ring in a year. So the hoop records the resolute symmetry of growth and the bedlam nature can bring thru an interference pattern of superimposed ‘rings.’

These curvaceous series of "Genie Bump" lamps, on the other hand, were inspired by the dryland salinity problems faced by her father, who still lives out on land, saying that "their sultry curves calling on those great water storage trees, the baobabs."

Loz Abberton© Loz Abberton

loz abberton© Loz Abberton

There's many iterations on the flat-pack lighting theme, but Loz's wooden lamps evoke a truly understated elegance. All of the Grandeliers are made from either locally sourced and accredited Tasmanian Oak, Blackwood or carbonized bamboo, under Loz's label Who Did That. For more information or to purchase one of Loz's lamps, visit State of Green.

Sustainable Flat-Pack Timber Chandeliers by Loz Abberton
Easy to ship and assemble, these elegant wooden flat-pack lights evoke natural forms and patterns.

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