Sustainable Furniture from Maria Yee


Our friends at Inhabitat point out some good work by furniture designer Maria Yee, who has combined her unique style with some unique methods to create some beautiful furniture. Bamboo (our old favorite) and domestic hardwoods are her favorite materials, and she has taken the bamboo a step further by developing the patent-pending BambooJoinery, a fastening system designed to take advantage of bamboo's unique longitudinal fiber and the evenly spaced nodes, that uses no nails, screws or fasteners to construct the pieces. Her contemporary, Asian-inspired designs range from chairs, sofas and beds to armoires, workstations and sideboards; we're particularly fond of the Sukiya cocktail table (pictured), but there's lots more to like throughout her collections. The company doesn't sell their products themselves, so contact them to find a retailer near you. ::Maria Yee via ::Inhabitat

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