Sustainable Design Review


The Sustainable Design Review was "a graduate student and undergraduate student led program at Parsons School of Design in New York City." Students were asked to define sustainablity in their own words and submit anything they could think of: fine arts, liberal arts, business plans, product design, architecture plans, fashion designs, marketing plans, branding campaigns, policy, drama, and music. And the jury has decided: First Place goes to Caroline Pham for the Subway Light Project.

Caroline's winning project uses fibre optics and sunlight collection panels to deliver sunlight to the subway, to illuminate windows and sitting areas with illustrations of natural and urban landscape intervention. Judge Susan Szenazy said "I love the idea of connecting the underground with sunlight above ground and such a beautiful art installation could make a huge emotional and intellectual imprint on stressed-out subway users."


Hae Jeong Choi developed a modular mobile cart that serves as a delivery vehicle from greenmarkets to a sanitary central kitchen, where the cart can be reversed to take prepared food to various locations in the City.


Juror Kira Gould: "I liked this because it is simple and direct and addresses the sustainability issue at a level that everyone can understand and digest (literally and figuratively- food. I think there is a demand for healthy food alternatives in the city, and this project could help advance the broader sustainability agenda."

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