Sustainabizarre Design: Michael Whitney Studio


Blurring the line between art and furniture, Brooklyn-based Michael Whitney Studio has created a clever collection of furniture, clocks, lamps and mirrors from rather disparate reclaimed items that probably wouldn't be mated up otherwise. Side view mirrors from a Volvo and an old wooden chair. A dodge ball and a stool. "One Way" street signs and the frame of a chair. A "3-legged cooking part" and a glass globe. These sometimes ironic, always unique combinations prove that there isn't anything that can't be salvaged and repurposed into something far different but equally or more functional than its original design. Above is "One Way Pair" and "UFO Lamp" -- check out "Paranoid Chair," "Mirror Chair," "Dodgeball Stool" and "Scrubbing Bubble Lamp" below the fold. ::Michael Whitney Studio via ::Apartment Therapy


"Dodgeball Stool"


"Folding Mirror Chair"


"Paranoid Chair"


"Scrubbing Bubble Lamp"

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