Susan Venable — Art with A Past


Art is an vital element of a civilised society. Human expression can have something important to say, both as art, but also through the choices made to present the medium. We've seen the written word printed on post-consumer recycled paper, music concert tours and movies offset their greenhouse gases, stand-up comedians use bike-power to run their multimedia shows. And much more besides. In league with this band of merry green artists in Susan Venable. Her wall reliefs and sculptured art are often massive. They grace public spaces, private homes and museums, but also corporate office walls. For instance, we're told that some commissions "have included Xerox, Nissan, Bank of America, Hotel Nikko, IBM, Western Digital, as well as corporations in Europe, Australia, and Tokyo." What makes her more interesting, is that her works are made predominately from recycled copper and steel. And In Business magazine observes that when she creates smaller jewellery pieces she utilises "recycled bottles, television screens, car and aircraft aluminum parts." (Though we suspect the correct term here might be reused, not recycled). ::Venable Studio