Survive the Apocalypse In Style

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People have different ideas about how to prepare for a changing world. Sami is looking at transition towns; others are looking at urban farming. Now you can be the first on your block to be the last on your block, thanks to the Vivos Network.

According to Vivos, we only have 980 days to get ready for um, something, either nuclear war, Planet X, giant solar flares, global tsunamis, killer comets or, horror of horrors, pole shift. Who knew that there were so many disasters; Roland Emmerlich will be busy for years.

Developer Robert Vicino is building a network of "20 secret, deep underground community shelters" to protect you and your family in case of any one of these events. Spread across the country, they can accommodate 3,400 people. It all looks quite comfortable and elegant.

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I would be a bit worried about those ones on the west coast, they are liable to fall off. But the others could provide a safe haven. The food looks good too; each Vivos shelter will be stocked with an abundant supply of gourmet foods for 1 year of survival. (menu here)

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Robert Vicino normally sells timeshares, but that would be difficult to schedule around Armageddon, so in this case "each co-owner will receive a deeded co-ownership interest in their designated Vivos shelter closest to their home area."


According to Gizmag, spaces are only $ 50,000 per person, although that appears to be for quadruple occupancy.

Each Vivos facility is equipped with its own internal power generation system, backup battery banks, deep water wells, biological, chemical and radiation air filtration systems, sewage disposal systems, abundant food and clothing storage, security devices, medical equipment and supplies and critical support equipment including off-road vehicles.

TreeHugger is thrilled to see that finally, somebody in America is taking the environmental dangers that we face seriously. More at Vivos.