Surveillance for Obesity Coming to London?

SOLA obesity measuring device photo
Matthew noted earlier the connections between a high meat, high processed food-based diet and climate change; It has also been noted that obesity is an environmental issue as well as a health issue, a big deal in countries with national health systems like Britain and Canada.

In the UK, where they have surveillance for everything everywhere, RCA student and engineer Benjamin Males has designed the Static Obesity Logging Device, or SOLA, which measures the body mass index of passers-by. "The casing of the device conceals a mass of technologies including an integrated computer, digital and analogue inputs and outputs and an integrated camera. The system is able to remotely calculate Body Mass Index and publish the data via wired and wireless networks."

He writes "The purpose of this device is to raise questions about the possible role of surveillance technology in healthcare, and the potential uses (misuses?) of this data by others." ::Benjamin Males via ::We Make Money Not Art

face by race recognition photo

Another social commentary on surveillance by Males

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