Superuse: Where Recycling Meets Design


I am so in love with Superuse, "where recycling meets design". It is yet another social networking site where you comment and vote on your choices, set up by "2012 Architects and Suite75" and so new that their about page has no content. This is a Digg or Hugg type site that I can get into: great ideas for recycling billboards into birdhouses, subway cars into architects offices, pallets into houses, and my favourite, DC3 wings into desks. (shown below the fold)

2012 Architects are a dutch group of architects who use a lot of recycled materials. From Archis we learn that the firm "views reuse as an integrated design strategy, and is busy creating a network organization for more widespread and efficient reuse in the construction industry. However, ecological considerations were not their prime motivation. More important, in their view, is the creative inspiration they draw from the potentialities of recovered objects. The 'history' that is inherent in used products and materials – and which is absent in unused new materials – offers potential added-value when incorporated in new products and compositions: the ready-made principle of art applied to architecture." Much, much more at ::Superuse via ::core77


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