Supertramp: Microsized Mobile Living Concept


All images by Jim Rokos via designboom
Lehman B is a "do-tank" (which I assume is a think-tank with tools) "based on the belief that the best way to explore and embrace the opportunities the future holds is by living them and doing them." This bike-as-camper, called Supertramp, "explores the practicality of microsized living and downshifting as urban "flowmads" (another clever invention) take to the streets."


Designboom describes it:

It is made with a rigid frame and cloth tent façade and roof. One side of the home open up like a window and has a ledge, while the other side features a door. Inside the home there is a small wood burning fire with a chimney and a bed. the home was hand built and can be pedalled form location to location. the intent of the unit is to explore more minimal lifestyles that [may] be become a necessity in the future.


While the canvas enclosure is certainly light and easier to pedal, it doesn't provide a great deal of shelter or security, and putting a stove in a canvas structure is just a bad idea; I lost a childhood friend that way.

We show a lot of ideas for mobile, lean living; they may well be a necessity in the future. But this one needs work. More images in Designboom and on Flickr

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