Superbly Simple Lamp Is Made from a Storm-Felled Branch, Not Much Else

Photos Courtesy of Reclaiming Brooklyn

This design is called the "Branch Lamp," and the name pretty much sums it all up. It's made from a branch felled by one of the tornadoes that hit New York City last autumn, with some metal shims, a spun aluminum shade, and lamp cord, and a light bulb. The lamp is the work of Harris Hine, who, with Emily Vislocky, is behind Reclaiming Brooklyn, a design firm that uses materials found in the New York area.reclaiming-brooklyn-branch-lamp-2.jpg

Hine's work is reminiscent of the storm-felled branch lamps we featured a little while back, but both are original takes on a simple, clever idea.

The Branch Lamp's lighting system can be adapted to any piece of salvaged wood as well as to living trees, which is perfect if you have living trees in your office or house.

But to get one of these babies for yourself, you'll have to empty your pockets: the floor lamps start at $1,000, and the lighting system goes for $500. Pretty steep for a branch and some aluminum and wire. Don't have the cash? Make your own lamp.

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