Super Sleek, Green Surrounded New Museum for Monterrey, Mexico

New Green Museum in Monterrey Mexico, Image

The Papalote Kids Museum in Monterrey, Mexico, is getting a new extension for green education, and the building that will hold it is, of course, environmentally conscious (and beautiful!).

Aerial View of New Green Museum in Monterrey Mexico Image

Designed by Inaki Echeverria, the 6000 sq. meters (64500 sq. feet) building will be located at the Fundidora Park and thus will seek to merge with the surrounding landscape and existing constructions.

To achieve this, it will incorporate 4000 sq. meters (43000 sq. feet) of native gardens and will also feature a viewpoint tower with a vertical garden.

Interior View of Monterrey New Green Museum Image

Says the architect at Noticias Arquitectura:

"The project seeks to recover existing buildings and generate a native landscape on the exterior, and encourage to discovery the space underground. This will allow the building to be more efficient and have less environmental impact in the park, and will show the kids a new world and a new way of relating with it. It's about exploring unknown territory and experimenting the idea of Monterrey and a new museum from a new point of view."

Interior View of Monterrey New Green Museum Image

It's not clear how the building will achieve the 'efficient lighting, heating, and cooling' it says it will have, but for the pictures it's pretty obvious the presence of beautiful natural light and ventilation. The architect also mentions the intention to apply for LEED certification.

Floor Scheme of New Green Museum in Monterrey Mexico Image

The new extension for the museum was set to begin construction this year, but it was delayed. According to Telediario, about 60-70% of the 20 million dollars needed to make it happen are ready, and the Papalote is gathering funds to reach the total with the hope to begin the construction in june.

For info on how to make donations, go to the project website.

We spotted this project at TuVerde.
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