Super Flatpack Baby Crib Assembles & Transforms In A Blink

Photos: Bam B. model, via Gro Furniture

As a new parent, the unending avalanche of over-packaged, saccharine-cute baby products never ceases to annoy. Cribs are no exception. We found a generic one that was affordable and built like a tank, but the process of assembling it was mildly agonizing.

I might have given my left ovary for something like this flatpack crib offered by Nashville,TN's Gro Furniture. They say it's designed to last as a heirloom piece, and with the crib assembling in less than two minutes without any mechanical fasteners or tools, it's probably a record of some sort in the baby furniture world, as their video shows:

But the best part is that these cribs, which come in two models called the P. Pod or Bam B., can morph into a toddler bed, day bed, toy chest and a desk, giving it (and your investment) a longevity that isn't outgrown quickly, like typical baby purchases.



Gro designers David and Aimee Singelyn were originally inspired by Scandinavian industrial design, and created the first version when their first baby was born. The crib meets all the required safety standards, and in the assembly department, they have this to say:

All parts interlock into each other requiring no screws or bolts to assemble. This means no lost or missing hardware as well as nothing to strip or loosen even after years of assembling, disassembling and converting. Upon installation of the mattress support panel, all pieces become locked together and can not be separated until the mattress support panel is removed.



We love the looks of the crib too: nothing too fancy or terribly cutesy, and built out of sturdy materials like bamboo and Baltic birch. Plus, for precious eco-peace-of-mind, it's topped off with non-toxic, low VOC and organic, plant-based, fully biodegradable natural finishes -- a good thing considering some cribs actually emit formaldehyde. And let's not forget those sneaky PBDEs from conventional crib mattresses.

These 5-in-1 crib models start off at US $990, which may sound like a lot, but is actually mid-range as high-end cribs go. Plus, if you're already shelling out $300-plus for a basic crib, or sometimes $600-1000 for fancier or designer convertible cribs, then it may make sense to invest and choose a greener one that can also go the extra mile, and won't be landfilled in a few years.

More details on models and pricing over at Gro Furniture.

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