Super Design Market: Instant Collectibles


Instant collectibles: get them now, because they may never be available again. The Super Design Market is a sale where young designers are flogging some interesting, some wacky and always unique design products at affordable prices. We loved the pencil that was created out of a clothes pin. There was an anti-theft device that makes new cars or bikes look unattractive by applying stickers that appear to be scratches, rust and peeling paint so thieves will assume that it is not worth stealing. The sock-dog is a puppet made out of loose or ripped socks; simply by stuffing it with a cut-out cardboard form you can make a puppet with ears, nose and eyes--a perfect Christmas stocking.

A light shade was made out of a cardboard box, usually used for takeaway french fries; very simple and certainly recyclable when you finish your snack. The reflect--please bags were made out of shiny reflective coats worn by crossing guards and highway workers. Made into a big, soft shoulderbag, they were eye-catching and light catching too. And for those winter nights, a one of a kind scarf that gives the name and kind of animal that the wool came from. Collectors' items all of them. :: Super Design Market Via :: London Design Festival

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