Sunday Lounging in the Aeron Chaise


As Homer Simpson would tell you, anything can be made better by lounging. Though they aren't saying it in so many words, that was sort of the inspiration behind Dutch design duo Sietze Kalkwijk and Joost van Brug's adaptation of the iconic task chair design (which got a nod in TreeHugger's list of Best Sustainable Designers). To hear them tell it, actually, "the design is targeted at the young digital generation, which has a reputation for living a rather sedentary and TV-filled existence. It takes the ergonomic office chair to the next level by making it a recliner-like lounger suitable for supine computing." We aren't sure if follows in the sustainable footsteps of other Herman Miller designs, but if it did, it might be the only chair we'd ever need. ::Coroflot via ::Core77