Sundance Catalog Has a Treasure or Two


The Sundance Catalog is only a couple years off 20 years supply of artisan wares. And as you might expect, given their sister project Sundance Channel’s recent move into full-on eco-broadcasting via The Green, they have a few products that hold some environmentally cred. Included here is a 100% hemp rug - organically grown and woven by hand. Recycled glass plates, bowls and glasses, made from used glass containers and thrown without using extra sand or chemicals. Organic cotton bath towels - fair traded and on special! They have beds made from reclaimed old-growth cypress and douglas fir timbers topped vinegar barrels at an Heinz factory in Pittsburgh, PA. But that was too big to squeeze into our pic combo, so we threw in the pine cabinet made of wood salvaged from to-be-demolished buildings. And then there's an old favourite here on TreeHugger too, the Pashley Princess city bike. ::Sundance Catalog.