Sugar or Glass? When Gastronomy Meets Glass, Positive Ideas Crystallise. (Photos)

escriba making sugar hair
Chef Christian Escribà making sugar hair... an alternative to nylon? Photo Credit: oh!BCN

Bored of conferences? Looking for inspiration? Then oh!BCN might just be your thing. It is a new kind of happening based around the unusual association of glass and food. We listened to chef Albert Adrià (brother of Ferran from El Bulli), and his glassware designer Xavi Vega, but also to Francesco Morace from the Future Concept Lab and pastry chef Christian Escribà who demonstrated the similarities between sugar and glass. And this is where it got very interesting. Why not use sugar instead of glass for certain products like lights? Oh!BCN tried it out, and here are the photos of the making off.sugar or glass photo
Sugar or glass? Photo Credit: oh!BCN

Any ephemeral exhibition should use as less materials as possible and make sure they are fully reusable, recyclable or biodegradable at the end. The industrial space at Palo Alto in Barcelona where oh!BCN helds their events this week, has been transformed into a comfortable, beautiful and inspiring space with very little material and lots of creative know-how. Cardboard tables give the space a warm feel and tiny LED-lit sugar lamps create a cozy atmosphere.

making off sugar lamp mold photo
Making sugar lamps. Photo Credit: oh!BCN
making off sugar lamp led photo
Attaching the LED to the sugar lamps. Photo Credit: oh!BCN
ohbcn atmosphere less material photo
Floating sugar lamps create a cozy atmosphere. Photo Credit: oh!BCN
Glass designer Vega is convinced of the eco-friendliness of glass; it is fully recyclable, even repairable, long-lasting (if you don't drop it) and non-toxic. Find 5 reasons to choose glass via Friends of Glass.

recycled glass bottle dish photo
Sheets of sugar served in a recycled glass bottle. Photo Credit: oh!BCN

I believe that in times of economical and ecological crisis like the one we're going through at the moment, it is important to get together and think positively about the future of business. Creativity is key to do so, and once again it is motivating to see that a city like Barcelona has plenty of that positive energy. And sugar is definitely not just for eating!

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