Subverting the Street Sign

Light and language, wit and subtlety are at play with the found reconstructed metal signage, in the work of Peter Quinn in the Northern Territory of Australia. He uses found objects in his constructions not merely as a statement of environmental consciousness but as a metaphor for life's events, disasters, love and memory.

His previous work, constructions of welded found metal objects, commented on environmental energies wreaking havoc and leaving debris in their wake. More recent work is part of a memento mori, using found materials to signify nostalgia. In this current work the pitted, scratched, abraded, and pocked surfaces tell of lived history. [extract from exhibition catalogue essay]

Image: Peter Quinn, 19. Speed Chair No Roundabouts, 603 Road signs, aluminium More images after the jump


Image: Peter Quinn, 24. Speed Chair - Diagonal, 605 Road signs, aluminium


Image: Peter Quinn, 20. Jet, 631 Chair: recycled aluminium chair & road sign


Image: Peter Quinn, 2. Future Kids, 654 2 Chairs & table setting: recycled steel rod & aluminium & road signs

Peter Quinn Showing Febuary 23 - March 17 at ::Raft Artspace, Darwin, Australia