Sublime Stuart Haygarth


There is something hypnotic about Stuart Haygarth's aesthetic sense. He loves to collect and categorize everyday objects. His work is concerned with giving order to the banal and overlooked trivia of life. This started out as a post about his new chandelier, as seen in Inhabitat. It is made out of out of 416 disposable plastic wine glasses and lit with a pink fluorescent light source.

Then we realized that we had already covered his beautiful chandelier made of debris collected from the beach at Dungeness, a magical stretch of land under a nuclear reactor in southern England.

Then we found the mural (a section is pictured); a commission from British Airports Authority. Because of increased airport security, now many items are no longer permitted in carry-on baggage on airplanes. This is a collection of confiscated items, all taken from passengers boarding airplanes at Gatwick Airport over a two week period. The objects are categorized into seven categories--scissors, vanity,tools, drinking and smoking, culinary, toy weapons and miscellaneous. Why do so many people travel with screw drivers and wrenches?

We must also mention his lampshade chandelier made from a collection of re-cycled, unwanted and discarded lampshades and put together as a series of linear lights that form "a family". Awe-inspiring. :: Stuart Haygarth via :: Inhabitat

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