Sublime Sofas With Soul: Recycled Textile Seating by Casamento (Photos)

casamento sofa photoImages: Casamento

How can we get away from the soullessness of most mass-produced sofas? For some, it may be marrying two unexpected partners (like the surprising Fridgecouch), or for others it could be making it multifunctional, transformer-style.

But for the designers of South African furniture company Casamento, a sofa with soul means going back to traditional methods -- and by using recycled and natural textiles to handcraft gorgeously eye-catching works.casamento sofa photo
casamento sofa photo

Featuring frames made from recycled or FSC-certified wood and natural, non-allergenic fibres like sisal, raw cotton wadding, horsehair jute webbing, hessian and flock natural fibers, designers Starry Eve Collett and Henry du Rand are trying to shy away from flammable latex foam, which has to be treated with toxic fire retardants.

casamento sofa photo

Behold this particularly juicy piece, made from a sweet sixties banana rocker.

casamento sofa photo

With different collections arranged by frame shape and size, their limited edition sofas can range from the raw to the regal, but all made with a tasteful eye for colour and proportion. You can check out their sofas and other accessories on their website.

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