Sublime Magazine Issue 2: The Silent Road

The second issue of this first international ethical lifestyle magazine Sublime, is just an as ‘essential read for creative thinkers and inquiring minds’ as the first one. It’s themed The Silent Road along which Laura & Damian Santamaria, as independent publishers, are taking the risk of starting a quite journey. ‘Words are powerful, but words without actions are just hot air’ and that’s why the two editorial directors are tackling today’s issue of monopolies where the people end up paying a high price.
The 130 glossy pages of Revive 50:50 paper (50% recovered waste & 50% FSC certified fibre) take you past breathtaking images such as geologist Bernhard Edmaier’s photographic journey of unspoiled areas of the earth Global Pattern, the stunning fashion photographs of Swedish designer Sandra Backlund and Hannah Engelkamp’s Lifelong Journey which enquires the value of pilgrimage. Lots more loud silence in an interview with Kiefer Sutherland, in Clean Start which investigates alternatives in the car industry, in the interview with Erik Schlosser and Richard Linklater about Fast Food Nation and in self-sustaining solutions to poverty Made In Sudan. That and more fashion, design, architecture (the most beautiful energy-efficient homes), soul, beauty products and the coolest bikes on the market in the second issue of this bi-monthly magazine.
A magazine preview is available on the Sublime web site, as well as the link to join their independent Think-Tank. Subscribe online or grab a copy at Barnes & Novel in the US or WHSmith in the UK. Price per copy: US$6.99, UK£4.95, €7.99 ::Sublime Magazine