Stylish Recycled Sawdust & "Shavings" Furniture By Yoav Avinoam


Photos: Yoav Avinoam

Sawdust is a multi-purpose "waste" material that can apparently be reused in many ways: turn it into mulch, throw it by the handful into a composting toilet, or transform it into furniture as Israeli designer Yoav Avinoam has done with his down-to-earth but stylish "Shavings" furniture collection.


Combining resin with recycled sawdust, Avinoam molds his furniture into simple shapes that still pack a visual punch, like the clever coffee table (above) which mimics soil and seems to grow from the roots down. His stools are more austere, but still have an eccentric raw and unfinished edge to them.



On his website, Avinoam says that:

By using sawdust waste from the wood industry, as a response to the way we look at our usage and exploitation of material in modern culture. The sawdust (taken from different kinds of woods) is being pressed with resin into a mold that already contains all of the object parts, the opportunity was exploring new ways of integration between the legs of the furniture and the sawdust through expansion of the joints, this and the way the sawdust crumbles toward the edges creates a new material esthetics [sic] to once destined to be waste material.

The intention here to turn so-called waste into desirable design. After all, if the design industries can rethink the whole process of production and close the loop on the life cycle of products, discarded materials can be transformed from "waste" into an abundant resource. We would wind up with beautifully designed products, whether it's from discarded clothing, suitcases, electronic waste or refrigerators. I could go on, but check out the stories below to see what interesting reuse ideas other intrepid designers have come up with.

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