Stylish Green Product At Your Front Door To Utilize Rain Water


Starting from June to mid July is the rainy season in Japan and we can never leave without an umbrella. Many Japanese department stores and supermarkets have little plastic bags at the entrance of the store for customers to slip their wet umbrella and keep the place dry and safe.

However, according to Japan for Sustainability, Japanese consumers already use roughly 30.5 billion plastic bags annually, the equivalent of 420,000 kiloliters of oil. Adding more plastic bags to the mix is the last thing we want to do. So here is how the Kyoei Design team tackled this issue with their innovative and stylish, "umbrella pot". The umbrella pot is an umbrella stand with a twist. The base has a drain connected directly to a potplant that fits neatly into the side of the stand. When you put a wet umbrella inside, the water drips off and begins to feed the plant directly.

The sleek minimalist design, in white Tokoname ceramic (from Aichi prefecture, Japan), was created by celebrated designer, Okamoto Kou. Prices start at 52,500 Yen and sizes vary, with the largest umbrella pot holding up to 30 umbrellas.

So now, aside from having a stylish new addition to your entrance decore, when you come home with a dripping wet umbrella during the rainy season you'll be keeping your floors clean and putting all that rainwater to good green use. And your plants will love you for it too.

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