Stylish dustpan and sweeper that look good and clean up too

dust pan
© Jan Kochanski

If you love sweeping, and some of us do, then this gorgeous little sweeper and dustpan will be an object of desire. Most dustpans aren't what you would call aesthetic but this one is simple and refined.

As the designer, Jan Kochanski explains " I wanted to create an object which, thanks to its esthetic and functional quality, would slightly enhance the quality of our lives and make everyday chores more pleasant." Thank you.

It looks lovely: the dustpan is a creamy white colour and the sweeper a rich wood. The sweeper is made of natural horsehair and beechwood, because natural hair sweeps better. It has a loop so the set can be hung on a hook in the cupboard.The wooden handle is nice to touch and comfortable to hold.

The dustpan is a soft white plastic, with curved edges to keep in the dirt. But here's the genius part: the handle of the dustpan has a hole in it. So the dirt can be poured out into the bin through it. If you have ever had a small waste basket and a big dustpan, you will know how handy this option can be.

Kochanski is a product designer based in Warsaw, Poland. He "grew up surrounded by objects, models and tools from workshops of my father who was a sculptor and my mother who is an architect." Good genes in this family. He served as an intern with Karim Rashid so we know that this is a man to watch. His other work has included a sleek coffee table inspired by paper clips.

Stylish dustpan and sweeper that look good and clean up too
This dustpan is too good looking to be hidden away in the cupboard.

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