Studiomold: Recycling For Design


Designers Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia are some of the more effective practitioners of the "recycling without looking recycled" aesthetic that TreeHugger looks for in sustainable designs. Take the "Big Crush" standing lamps (above, at left), for example; they take plastic PET bottles, recycle and mold them, and, voilĂ : a sculptural lamp base. Not content to stop there with lighting, they've also conceived "Peggy Sue," a cute little number made from ubiquitous clothes pegs and a reclaimed table lamp base; just be sure to drop a CFL in there before flicking the switch. The "no8" stool also offers a clever use of reclaimed materials: the seat is a reclaimed rowing seat from Cambridge, so the design is understandably a limited edition. Perhaps the most fitting use of materials, though, is with their "mini recycled sound" and "recycled sound" speakers. The mini version uses two old records to house the speaker mechanism, with small subwoofer and amplifier attached; the "flat speaker chandelier" uses the same concept to put new meaning to "surround sound system," with a multitude of records (and speakers) that can either be configured as a stand, wall-mount or hanging system. As with life, it's always good to see recycling imitate art. ::Studiomold via ::MoCo Loco

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