Greenhouse to Go Lets Plants Escape the Apocalypse with You

Mobile gardening is becoming quite trendy; it seems that people just can't bear to be separated from their plants. This is one easy way to keep your greens with you at all times: the Greenhouse to Go, from German design firm Studio Besau Marguerre.

Marcel Besau and Eva Marguerre, in collaboration with Adrien Petrucci, created the suitcase-like greenhouse for Milan Design Week 2012, following the theme "Home Away from Home." The idea is not just to have your plant with you, but to be able to take it with you if you ever need to colonize a foreign planet:

This land could be a new Garden of Eden. Therefore one of our luggage must ensure the preservation of this precious resource if we want to make sure home is on another terra.

Hopefully it will never come to that, but it's good to know that if I ever need to say goodbye to Earth, I won't have to leave my tomatoes as well.

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